Alix: a Friend and Sister

Alix is and always be some one who is very close to my heart. This girl has made in to a stronger person and a better friend. She is someone who doesn’t take friendship lightly. She is the one makes sure friendship is forever.

I met Alix two summers ago at Cooperstown Bible Camp. She was very shy and reserved at first, but as the summer went on I wore her down. The more we talked the more she opened up, it helped when I was willing to be open also. We got very close as the summer went on and even have some amazing memories from that first summer. Like the storm and Noah’s Ark! She was definitely the one I got to know the most that summer.

After the summer we continued to grow our friendship with talks on the phone, and seeing each other at camp functions. I do have to say that she d most of the work when it came to keeping our friendship going. She was the one always texted to see how my week was going and called when she wanted to talk. I am so happy she has though. Over the last few years we have grown immensely as friends. I have gotten to see her be vulnerable in so many ways and also watch grow stronger and help others. I am truly grateful for everything single thing we have gone through together because it has made us that much stronger.

This last summer I got the joy of working with her again. I got to see just how much she has grown and how comfortable she has become around those of us she calls friends. I also got to watch her make a brand new friend, someone who she saw could use someone like her in their life. I can’t wait to see how God uses her in this relationship. I love you Alix!!

A word from Alix:


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