Hali: A Friend in Need

I would consider Hali to be one of my really good friends. She and I have been friends for about a year and a half now, and we have been able to share so much with each other. I am so glad for all the we have gotten to experience together.

This summer I got the joy of working with Hali. I got to listen to her testimony also. Her testimony had a big impact on because she and I have had similar struggles. And through the summer I have been so uplifted by the way she is willing to let us see her struggle, even though it is not something that she is comfortable with. She has let us pray over and just sit with in the hard times. She has reached out her hand when she needed help and that encourages me to do also. Like her I am not used to be open with my emotions and letting people know when I am struggling, but watching Hali this summer has taught me that it’s good to open up and to be vulnerable sometimes.

I am so thankful for all the time I have gotten to spend with Hali. I will be praying for throughout the year and I am excited to see what God does in her life over the next few years. I can’t tell you how much I love this amazing woman!!!

A word from Hali:

Laura has been such an encouragement this summer! I can’t tell you how I appreciated her being open about her struggles and how much I’ve loved seeing her grow this summer. I’ve seen her heart for kids and her love for those around her.

The way she has shown me Christ has primarily been from joy. Laura, if you don’t know, is overflowing with joy from Christ and that joy spills over into everything she does at camp. She was busy and tired, like everyone else, but she still persevered and her abundant joy helped us all to keep in good spirits even through the hard times. I think of Philippians chapter four when I think of Laura because it is a whole chapter about joy in Christ.

With Love,

Hali & Laura

2 Tim 2:3

Phill 4:14


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