Mariah: A Friend and a Mentor

Mariah is one of my dearest friends, I have known her for several years now. When I first met her she seemed like this amazing Godly woman, who just radiated the light of Christ. I was in awe a little and knew I wanted to be like her.

Two summers ago I got the most amazing chance ever to see her again and work with her at Cooperstown Bible Camp. I got to know her on a more personal level as a friend. She just kept showing me how much she radiates the light of Christ. I got to hear her testimony and even share my own with her. Throughout the summer she encouraged me in so many ways, but most of all she encouraged me to share my love for Christ and to shine my light as bright as I can. By the end of the summer we were friends and she was one of my mentors!

After the summer though we lost contact a little as she went back to school and I went back to life. We still occasionally talked, but it was a rare occurrence. And then another amazing God moment happened this summer; I arrived at camp to find Mariah and to find out that she also was working again this summer. Over the summer we have had so many conversations and have reconnected. She has encouraged me again in so many ways!!! She is still radiating the light of Christ, and sharing her faith as much as she can. She is definitely one of the most amazing people I have ever met and that’s because of how much she loves God! I love this beautiful lady so much!!!!

A word from Mariah:

It has been such a blessing to know Laura the last few years and to watch her grow in her faith. That’s one of the cool things about knowing people for a long time is getting to see them mature and grow closer to God.

One of the most impactful things that Laura and I have spent time talking about is sharing our stories. I think it is important to share what God has brought us through for two reasons: first, it glorifies God because it points people to Him. By sharing how He has brought us through situations in our lives, we can encourage and help others to find hope in Him. Second, sharing what God has brought us through reminds us of his faithfulness and can help to strengthen our faith.

I’m so proud of Laura as she continues to grow closer to Christ, and can’t wait to watch her continue to encourage the people around her and glorify God by sharing what He is doing in her life.

With Love,

Laura & Mariah

Matt 5:14-15


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